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February 01, 2008



Hey missus you are allowed low batteries now and then, just think how busy life is and then it is all pretty obvious that sometimes we just hit empty. So I hope you re-charge soon and are feeling good. I am loving the Hanami - that is really pretty (so are the socks, they look like a bed of flowering annuals). Well done that girl at the chess and yes I would be somewhat bemused by Holbrook too.... Don't forget to let me know whenever you want some Twilleys freedom yarn sent.


Glad to hear from you. Congrats to the girl!

Send the socks (they are wool?) to someplace like Children in Common (CIC).http://countrywool.tripod.com/freepatterns/csocks.htm They send socks to orphanages in Russia that have an average temperature of 40 F inside. Someone will fit every size, so all socks are appreciated.


Life does have its ups and downs, but it is hard getting through a down patch. Try not to pressure yourself, just take one day at a time. Your knitting however, doesn't look like it has suffered to me! I dream of being so prolific with my projects, but then I am a procrastinator!


It seems your knitting is going well. I'd just go along until you feel better. I find exercise helps (walking is what I do) and I try not to eat or drink too many sweet things, I think they exacerbate the problem.

Your shawl is looking great, I'm off to look at the pattern!

And as for the preponderance of phallic symbols, look at the statue's hands!


You are alive!! and breathing!! Good. Glad to see you're making some progress on the Hanami. I'm almost done the 4th repeat of the first chart. ;>)

Speaking of phallic symbols - have you had a good look at the top part of your wheel peeking out from under the Ovation scarf? (just sayin')

It's nice to see your pic of the green grass. All I see here is WHITE snow.

Miss you.

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