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September 15, 2008



My favourite sock pattern is the Hawaiian Leis you sent me with the beautiful Trekking XXL yarn.

Lace pattern???? ALL of them!!!!

You don't need to put me in the contest, I just wanted to answer the question.

You - have time for another blog???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I know, I'm being mean... I love being your knitting blog partner.


I'm a sort of intermediate knitter who knits just a plain basic sock pattern that has about an inch of ribbing at the top and short row heels because it's mindless, easy knitting. I've been knitting the Great American Aran Afghan squares - grrr - and am sometimes just in need of something to knit, knit, knit - no cables, no bobbles, no purls, no counting! I'd love to try one of the more attractive patterns though... someday...

And, no lace knitting for me yet. The counting and fussiness in the GAAA just drives me up the wall - can't even imagine lace! I love the way it looks but don't have the nerve or patience to start.


I haven't knitted it yet but just love "The Cap Shawl" from Victorian Lace Today. I'm thinking of knitting it for DD for her wedding day - just in case it turns nippy in January [any excuse eh?] Or maybe I'll knit it for myself!

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